Problem with enableAltercss()


i have a html table that I use the dhtmlx_grid to get the grid. That�s everthing fine, loading data from the html table, but there is something strange with the enableAltercss().

When I get at the jsp the grid doesnt appear with the css styles, but when i click in headers, the css styles works…

what should i do to make it load with the grid always ??

Could you please provide any kind of sample where we can reproduce this issue?

Ok, it´s very simple:

at the JSP page:

<c:if test="${not empty objects}">

                            <s:iterator value=“objects” id=“list”></s:iterator>
<img src="<c:url value="/scripts/dhtmlxgrid/imgs/icons_books/books_cat.gif"/>" title=“Editar”/> <fmt:message key=“global.label.nome”/> <fmt:message key=“global.label.unidade”/> <fmt:message key=“global.label.funcao”/> <fmt:message key=“global.label.produto”/>
<img src="<c:url value="/scripts/dhtmlxgrid/imgs/icons_books/books_cat.gif"/>" border=“0” title=“Editar”/> ${list.nome}


at the JS file:

function configGrid(tableName) {

Just to illustrate i send the images of before & after (clicking at any header)

To fix this issue you should call enableAlterCss() method before grid initialization:
<table name=“higieneTable” class=“dhtmlxGrid” gridWidth=“800px” gridHeight=“300px” onbeforeinit=“configGrid(higieneTable);” style=“display:none”>

Thanks! I had tried to execute just the enableAlterCss() ate onbeforeinit() but doesnt worked, but everything works!

I have another question, is not actually a problem cause probably i wont need to use this for now, but is something interesting to discover the solution, here we go:

at this point… if i do this :

<s:iterator value=“objects” id=“list”>


this makes the ${list.nome} result a link… ok, that´s fine. But if I use head filter, when i put some character there, it filters everything inside the includiing the link URL.
if i digit “higieneOcupacional” the head filter find this as it had been written at the rows… 


Another little issue:

I´m trying to change the selected row background color of my grid, my code at JSP is:

div.gridbox_xp table.obj tr.rowselected td.cellselected, div.gridbox table.obj td.cellselected {
    div.gridbox_xp table.obj tr.rowselected td {

But it´s not overriding the original css file… i can see at firebug…
what should i do ?

if i digit “higieneOcupacional” the head filter find this as it had been written at the rows…
Please check this article … ter%20link
>>But it´s not overriding the original css file… i can see at firebug…
Unfortunately we cannot reproduce is. Style of the selected row and cell has allways the highest priority.