Problem with example Contact Manager Application

So far I am very impressed with my 30 day demo. I was working my way through the Contact Manager application and am a bit annoyed I wasted hours trying to figure out why it would not save.

Search your forums I finally found someone back in February who stated you had forgotten to add an onClick event for the form button. I added this bit of code and it started working!

contactForm.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(name, command){ dpf.sendData(); });

Why does the example not work without this code? You seem to hint that the command=“save” in the XML file should be all that is needed. However the example fails without the above event handler.

I also had to add name=“phone_1” and name=“phone_2” etc… to the xml file as it would not bind and display data on the grid click event without these.

Why has the example not been fixed?

Additionally the form layout does not look nice and tidy like the example image you provide. There is no explanation for this. Only upon further research did I find commands like position=“label-top”. However, this still doesn’t look as neat as your image example.

Your demo Contact Manager app is an excellent introduction to new developers looking at your framework. However there are clearly problems with it and I would suggest you revisit it urgently so others don’t waste as much time as I did trying to get it to work.

Cherbert, thank you for your note and sorry for inconvenience.
You were right, the tutorial contained some mistakes concerning the ‘onButtonClick’ event handler and the form structure. We have corrected the related parts of the documentation.

Best Regards, Nadine.