Problem With Excel Export if we add Filter for specific cols


I am working on DHTMLX Grid to display my Reports. Here i am facing a different problem while doing Excel Exporting.
DHTMLX is having a option of exporting Excel. It is working fine and i am able to export my Records that are fetching to XLS(If and only if all filters are set to be rspan or all filters are available at the top).

While Excel export with a single search Filter (See Textbox - numeric Filter at Ref Qty% column),
I cant the first record of my resultset , How can i figure out this problem ?
The problem is due to the filters that i add in the grid and the rspan for empty filters.
For Example :

Help me if anyone have suggestions on this qry.

Velu Ramasamy

Can you post the full initialization code of the grid ( js code only, data is not necessary ) for which issue occurs ?