Problem with Explorer 11

Hi everybody,

I need your help for this uncomprehensible behaviour of code.

In a grid i use a custom column type that i prepared when i make my upp using 3.6 version of dhtmlx. Now i upgraded the application to 4.4 version. The code continues to run correctly using Internet Explorer 8 but give an error with Explorer 11.

This is my code:

function eXcell_linkernoformat(cell){
if (cell) {
this.cell = cell;
this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
this.edit = function() {}
this.isDisabled = function() {return true;}
this.getValue=function() {
return this.cell.my_value;
this.cell.my_value = val;
eXcell_linkernoformat.prototype = new eXcell;

As you can see it’s not too complicated. I simply show a number in the first column of my grid as linker but when i use getvalue on cell i want obtain simply the number that i saved in my_value during setValue function.

If i use IE8 all runs correctly and with:
i obtain the number, but when i use IE11 getValue returns “undefined”.

I tried everything but the result is always the same.

Can you help me, please without requesting a “complete demo”.

Many thanks.

Unfortunately your column type works well for me.
Could you please, share with the example of the data loading to that column?

In the column there ara simple numbers that are numeric record-id.

The code runs correctly for me too but only with ie8. it doesn’t run in ie11.

Which browser are you using ? my problem is only with ie11

If i modify the app code defining the row as a normal “ron” instead of my “linkernoformat” all runs correctly, with ie11 too, so the problem must be this custom column type, but i don’t understand where is the problem because code seems to be correct.


I’ve checked your column type in IE11. It works well with no errors.
Unfortunately I have to request a demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed.

Hi Sematik you 're right, my code is correct. The problem seems to come from another place: the function SplitAt.

I prepared the attached demo where you’ll find a grid with my custom colum as first column (colum 0) and a Split at column 1 (i included in the attachment the standard version of dhtmlx.js but to run the demo you have to use the 4.4 pro version).
When you click on a row, an alert shows the number included in first column.

When the SplitAt is disabled the code runs correctly with IE8 and IE11 too, but if i enable SplitAt the code continue to run with IE8, while with IE11 the alert box shows “undefined”.

So the problem seems due to SplitAt that has a strange behaviour in IE11.

I hope in your help.

Many thanks as Always. (535 KB)

Please, note that the splitAt() method is available in PRO version only.

After adding the files of the PRO version your demo works well for me in IE.
If the problem still occurs for you please, open ticket at

Hi Sematik,

Sorry if i insist but it’s not possible.

Note that in the code there is the line: //Grid1.spiltAt(1);

Did you remove the comment // ?

Once removed the code surely will have the behaviour that i described !

Please confirm to me because i’m going crazy !!


Please, refer to the video:

Hi Sematik and, first of all, thank you to be so patient with me.

Good idea the video but it ends on grid loading (the shown values are the values set in the setValue method of excell_linkernoformat).

The problem, instead, happens after that, when you click on a grid row. In that moment appears a first alert showing the value of getValue method of excell_linkernoformat and a second alert included in “onRowSelect” event of grid as result of getValue function.

This two alert, for me, always display “undefined”. This situation seems to happen only in case of use of IE11 on Window7 (that it’s my default environment) with splitted grid.

All runs correctly, instead, if use IE8 on Win7 or IE11 on Win10.

I just found a solution parsing the number from innerHTML of cell, but it’ s quite a strange issue

Many thanks again for your time.

Hi maurildo,

do you use a skin ?
I upgraded my application V3 to V4.6. The skin V3 generated problems, when I use a skin V4.6 it’s OK.