Problem with filtering Grid while option addEmptyRow is set as true


I would like to ask if anyone else has experienced a problem with filtering Grid component while addEmptyRow is true? For me it throws an error in the developer tools console.
Do you know any workarounds?

I’m attaching a sample for so that you can get a batter understanding of the problem:

Thank you,

Hello Michał.

The problem, is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the future udpates.
For now I can sugegst you to use the inheader filters for your grid instead of the filter() function where it is possible:

Thank you for a quick response and providing an alternate filtering solution. Please let me know once the issue is fixed.

Today we released the dhtmlxSuite 7.0.3. and your reported rpoblerm was fixed in that update
So, please, try to download the latest build to get the fix.

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