Problem with Form selection box and ie 8.0

I had tried to use Dhtmlx for the first time 2 weeks ago, i use suite Standard Edition v.2.6.
I have a problem with a selection box in ie 8.0 (with firefox and Safari there is no problem).
I create my form from object, like this:

var formData = [
{type: “input”, name: “description”, value:"", label:“description”},
{type: “select”, name: “country3cod”, label:“Country”, options:[
{value: “ITA”, text: “Italy”,selected: true}

ie 8.0 return this error in dhtmlxform.js, Row 1617 Caracter 4, ‘text’ is null or is not an object.
Someone can help me?

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please check if you initializing form on page onload:


function doOnLoad() {

		var formData = [
            {type: "input", name: "description", value:"", label:"description"},
            {type: "select", name: "country3cod", 
                label:"Country", options:[
                    {value: "ITA", text: "Italy",selected: true}
		dhxList = new dhtmlXForm("listObj", formData);