Problem with Form type: select with OptionsConnector

Hello All,

i have a problem with the select type. I want to load the options from my MySQL DB but i get a empty select in my Form.

I used the same Form and PHP FILE! I changed only the following:

$options->render_sql("SELECT laenderid, laendernamede FROM laender WHERE laenderid < 50","","laenderid,laendernamede");

No Problem: (i can see all Usernames in the Form)

$options->render_sql("SELECT benutzerid, Username FROM benutzer WHERE benutzerid < 50","","benutzerid,Username");

Then i checked the Log File and this show me

So both MySQL request are good and no error logged.
What can i do?
I read your Help and show your samples to find my mistake but i can’t find a mistake.
I used the Optionsconnector from dhtmlxForm 3.0b (110318)

Many thanks for some help.

After a lot of hours i renamed the Table and Fields in the database into id_laender and name_laenderde and it works fine.

I don’t understand this but its work now.