problem with form.unload () using internet explorer

continued from previous post.

I realized that the problem is related to the event because of the toolbar when the event ends of the button pressed to return works of the function I want is a normal behavior?

nb: such behavior occurs only with Internet Explorer
wtoolbar_pcnt.attachEvent(“onClick”, function(id) {
procElaParz(0,cell_4_cap,form_capam,9,“Carica W0”,tipoa);
ok here (*****)
function procElaParz(insel,cell_4_cap,form_capam,maxele,nomef,tipoa){

var txt = ’

cell_4_cap.setText(txt); // this not visible (*****)
form_capam.unload();// this no action  (*****)

var form_cap = setFormCap(cell_4_cap);// this no action (*****)

setAttendere(form_cap,maxele); // this no action (*****)

var loader = dhtmlxAjax.postSync("…/coll?", encodeURI(…));
var a=loader.xmlDoc.responseText.toUpperCase();



I hope I was clear


Made a demo for you based on your issue.
I use different js files (fixed).
Donload this demo - the issue will not arise.
demo.rar (135 KB)


I’m using dhtmlx Suite 3.0 Standard. My project need to use the whole suite. I have the same problem using unload function.

I downloaded the demo.rar file. It’s working ok in the demo.
However, when I copy the files from dhtmlxForm to overwrite the source in libCompiler and generate the suite file, it raised other error in IE and Chrome

Object doesn’t support property or method ‘enableListener’ at line

Besides, it stopped working in all form when using FF without any error.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit for previous post, I am using 3.0 Pro version.


Please contact us - support at dhtmlx dot com.
Inlude link to this post in yout message.

To help you we need completed demo including all corresponding js/css files or direct link.