problem with form uploader setItemHeight()

Hi there,

I’ve recently start working with DHTMLX 5 after a while of working with 4.4.

While trying to use the setItemHeight() method on uploader control (for adjusting uploader dimensions depending on number of selected files for uploading) i’n getting the following error:

dhtmlx.js:9 Uncaught TypeError: this.objPull[(this.idPrefix + o)][m] is not a function
at dhtmlXForm.doWithItem (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1148745)
at dhtmlXForm.doWithItem (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1148665)
at dhtmlXForm.setItemHeight (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1151718)
at dhtmlXForm. (localhost:8100/ppp/index.php:281:34)
at dhtmlXForm.a.callEvent (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … js:9:19332)
at dhtmlXForm. (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1158416)
at dhtmlXForm.a.callEvent (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … js:9:19332)
at dhtmlXForm.y.(anonymous function).callEvent (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1141793)
at HTMLDivElement.D.callEvent (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1142927)
at HTMLDivElement.c.firstChild.ontouchend.c.firstChild.onmouseup [as ontouchend] (localhost:8100/ppp/JS/dhtmlxSuit … :9:1190809)

Note -
using setItemWidth() on same control works perfectly! the issue is unique for setItemHeight().

Please advise :cry:

Unfortunately it is not available to change the height of the form uploader item.