Problem with Gantt.ignore_time

Hi !
I try to hide weekend on my dhtmlxGantt. So i try the ignore_time method like this :

gantt.ignore_time = function(date){
if(date.getDay() == 0 || date.getDay() == 6)
return true;


But nothing happened, I don’t have any “ignore_time” on my console.
What is the problem ?

Thanks for your help !


the method should be called as expected, e.g.
Please provide a demo that demonstrates the issue

Hi Aliaksandr,

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t understand. When I test in the Snippets Demo, it work. But in local at home, it don’t work …
I’ve the latest version 3.3.0 (Standard Edition). Can you check the index.html in demo just below in attachment. Thanks for your help, I’m going crazy …

Pierre (1.02 MB)

this functionality is available in PRO version of gantt (which goes under evaluation, commercial or enterprise licenses). Your package uses Standard version, which does not support ignore_time method