Problem with Gantt with overlay


May you please help me why the real progress is not equal to the predicted in the hovered point?

Hello Ali,
The logic in the sample calculates the real progress depending on the progress of each task and its duration. So, if you resize the “Air conditioners check” task to 1 day, it will affect real progress and planned progress.
And if you scroll down you will notice that there are other tasks with the progress less than 100%. If you set all tasks’ progress to 100% or move those tasks, the real and planned progress will be equal:

Thank you for your reply,

So can we say that actual progress of the project is not depend just to the focused time?

Hello Ali,
Yes, we can say that in our example, the “Real progress” parameter doesn’t depend only on the date.
But you can show anything in the overlay so you can use any logic to display the data: