Problem with Grid and set_options


I have a problem using set_options with GridConnector.
I have a coro column that should show a dropdown with the options but it doesn’t.
The xml sent back from the connector doesn’t any options.

Here is my code:

[code]$res = oci_connect(“User”,“pass”,“host:port/sid”,“charset”);
$dbtype = “oracle”;

$grid = new GridConnector($res, $dbtype);
$grid->set_options(“KWD_NIFE_NID”,array(“10004”=> “one”, “10002”=>“two”,“10003”=> “three”));

Am I doing something wrong?


Edit: Here is my clientside code:



function doOnLoad() {
    mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject("mygrid");
    mygrid.setImagePath("{{ asset('dhtmlx/imgs/') }}");         	//the path to images required by grid
    mygrid.setHeader("test");	//the headers of columns

Code looks fine.
As this is Oracle, it will be better to use all fields in the render_table command in the upper-case

Are you using dhtmlx 4.1 or earlier versions ? You may need to include connector.js in earlier versions.

Hello Stanislav,

my dhtmlx.js file was strange. In the comments it claimed to be 4.0.3 but dhtmlx.version returned “3.0”. I replaced it with the 4.1.1-dhtmlx.js and now it works.

Thank you very much
Philipp Löwen