Problem with Grid in IE works fine in FireFox


I’m using Dhtmlx 2.1 Pro Edition.

I’m loading a grid from a database and I’m using enableSmartRendering(true,100).

In firefox all works fine, but in IE when scrolling, load a portion of data and then appears an error :

Error type : LoadXML, Description : Incorrect XML.

I don’t know how to fix this problem.

Can you help me?

Thank you

Please find more information about this issue here … leshooting

  Not enough information.    :frowning:

The problem is caused by incorrect xml generation. To get more info about error you can
a) load the same url , as used in load command in the separate window of a browser
b) replace dhtmlxcommon.js with dhtmlxcommon_debug.js

Most common reason of such problem - incorrect content type of xml response ( must be text/xml )

I don’t know how works dhtmlxcommon_debug.js
Where can I found this information?

thank you.


Just include dhtmlxcommon_debug.js file in the page after dhtmlcommon.js.

The details about incoming xml will be shown automatically after the xml is received.