Problem with Grid to Excel


I have a problem with Grid to Excel. It seems that the script is not able to save big grids (82 columns and 500 rows). The script is working with less rows (10). Do you have an idea what could be the problem? I try to fix the timeout, but it is still not working.

Unfortunately it’s not able to export big quantity of rows to Excel. It requires a large amount of time so browser hangs up.

I’m seeing the same problem. But I think if you make the export js code the same way as the grid.serializeToCSV() is implemented it will be much faster. I know serializeToCSV() doesn’t have to send as much info, but the concept seems the same. I’ve been able to export 6,000+ row grids to CSV with no problems (this is using a similar approach where the result xml string is posted to a servlet and then the user is prompted to save / open the file).

Further research … it looks like most web servers have a 2mb limit to form POSTs. The XML from the excel export is like 5 times larger per cell than the CVS (because it has to carry all the cell styles as well). At about 500 rows, my spreadsheets stop exporting to excel … right when it goes over 2mb. I’m now going to try using multi-part file for the post instead.

I found a solution using Apache Common’s FileUpload Library:

It’s easy to put into servlet …

You then just need to change dhtmlxgrid_export.js so it uses


Instead of


Thank you for your notes. We’ll investigate if we could use it in data export library.