Problem with Grid


I have 2E layout. In the left i have a Tree with names of users groups, in the rigth i have a grid with users, which load users of chosen group. When I try, for example, add user to group with id = 1 at first time user add to the group and the row appeared in the DB, then i delete this user. DataProcessor work correctly. But when i try to add the same user again to the same group, the new row remains bold and row doesn’t appear in the DB. What can I do in this situation?

In addition i send demo, where i try to reproduce the situation.

  1. Click “Добавить 1”
  2. Click “Удалить”
  3. Click “Добавить 1”

After the second step dataProcessor doens’t work. It would work if we refresh the page.
test.rar (714 KB)

Can anybody help?