Problem with ics export


I’ve a problem with iCal export. When i’m trying to use the scheduler.toICal() function, nothing happens, and bugzilla alert me “D is undefined …/codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_serialize.js Line 1”.
In fact, even in the sample, i get the same error when pushing “show” button. I’m using Firefox.

The xml function works properly.

Any idea ?

Latest version has few known minor glitches, one of which may cause problem in your case.
Try to update js file with the attached one (936 Bytes)

Updated and it works !

But just one thing : i had to change the last line of the file by adding a \n occurrence otherwise the format was not valid…

	return start+(header||"")+"\n"+ical.join("\n")+"\n"+end;

Thanks a lot !