Problem with IE


I am using IE 7.0

I have a HTML form, which has D HTML combo box with auto complete mode.

I want to validate the D HTML combo box before submit the HTML FORM.

I use below code to validate the D HTML combo, but it is not working with IE7.0

1. if (document.forms[0].comboName.value == “” )

alert(“value is empty”);

2. if ( document.getElementById(“comboName”).value == “” )

alert(“value is empty”);

The above two method is not working with IE, but it works with Mozilla Firefox.

The element of combo, which stores value has the same name as specified in constructor ( or same  as name of select from which it was created )

if (document.forms[0].comboName.value == “” )

    alert(“value is empty”);

must work for both IE and FF

document.getElementById(“comboName”).value == ““
must not work in any browser ( still may work because some browsers threat name and ID equal )

Also you can get current value directly from combo

if (combo.getActualValue()==””) …

If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed.