Problem with moveRowDown

I have discovered the following problem with the function moveRowDown in dhtmlxTreeGrid:

If the TreeGrid has exactly 2 elements on level 0, the call of moveRowDown(selectedRowId) causes the following error if selectedRowId is the first element in the TreeGrid:

Error: this.rowsCol[0].parentNode has no properties

Source: dhtmlXTreeGrid.js

Line: 309

(remark: I’m already using an updated version of dhtmlXTreeGrid.js which you send me on November 13)

The problem does not seem to appear if there are more than 2 elements on level 0 and so far I have not discovered any problem using the function moveRowDown on levels higher than 0.

Problem confirmed and fixed, to resolve issue just replace in dhtmlxtreegrid.js all ocurences of

( or contact us by email - we will send you updated file )