Problem with multiselect


I have a strange problem with a multiselect in a form.

The scenario is that I have a grid and by doubleclicking a row it opens a modal window with a form attached on which there is a multiselect and other form components.
The form is connected to a MYSQL-db; the multiselect gets its values from a connector (php, mysql).

The issue is not really reproduceable, but about every 5 times I doubleclick a row to show the “details” of the row in the modal window the multiselect does not load the selected value; this means, the possible values are there but there is no value selected.
If I read out


in that case, the value is empty as well.
Can you help me with this or show me a way where I could be sure that the value is read and afterwards show the form?
I am using the latest version of the DHTMLX-Suite.


Could you provide us a direct link on or completed demo. Please add in the letter lint to this topic and steps to reproduce … pport.html