Problem with - mygrid.setCellExcellType(rowId, colId, "ed")


Onload of the grid all columns are non editable “ro” but after clicking the radio button it will made the 8th column of the same row editable. I used “mygrid.setCellExcellType(measureID, 8, “ed”)” to make the 8th cell of rowId (ie., measureID) editable on click of the radio btn.

But when i am clicking on the radio button it is giving me the below error .

Kindly provide some solution.




A Runtime Error has occurred.

Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 2241

Error: ‘_childIndexes’ is null or not an object


Yes No


Could you please provide full example where we can reprodue this issue including files which you are using to initialize grid and example of xml. Please send it directly to the