Problem With .NET Connector Samples

Ok. I’m confused. I downloaded the samples for the .NET Connector and made some changes but those changes are not being reflected. When I run gridCustomSQLConnector.ashx I get the XML for the country table just as the code states. I started making changes to the SELECT statement and the XML did not change! For example, I changed the field names, then I changed the connection string to point to a different DB, then I changed the table name now I have even deleted the SQL completely and it still returns the same XML. The only thing that DID change was when I changed values in the db table COUNTRY, the XML reflected the change. I have shut down and rebooted and rebuilt the solution numerous times. I have also removed all instances of the word COUNTRY in the solution and it still points to the country table. I am at a loss.

Also of note, I put a breakpoint on the CreateConnector and the breakpoint does not trigger.

BTW, here is the CreateConnector as of now.

   public override IdhtmlxConnector CreateConnector(HttpContext context)
        dhtmlxGridConnector connector = new dhtmlxGridConnector(
        return connector;

if the code changes do not affect the program behavior, then apparently this code is not executed,
try manually delete /bin and /obj folders and restart development server, to make sure that the project actually was rebuilt and new app instance is executed