Problem with new FF and events.

I have link in event_header. Before last FF update it was working normal but now when I click on link it doesn’t work. I know where is error. My click on link is interpreted like drag or re-size. If I put

scheduler.config.drag_resize = false; scheduler.config.drag_move = false;

It will work but that is not helping me becasue I need those 2 :smiley:

Temporary solution is to put link i event_text. Is there any other way around it.

I have checked in FF9 (stable) and click handlers work correctly for me.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

Starting yesterday, we are also experiencing a very similar problem with Firefox 9.0.1. Our users do not see the “edit” icon when they hover over the event, but they were fine up until yesterday (nothing else changed). Do you know if there is an update for DHTMLx Scheduler?


There is no updates for dhtmlxScheduler, because so far we have some reports but there was not any live samples, and we still can’t reconstruct the issue locally :frowning:

By any chance do you have live demo or some sample of the problem?

We’ve narrowed it down to just Firefox 9.0.1 on Mac and Unix, it works fine on Windows (note, these all worked fine before this latest upgrade). Specifically, this is the problem that we are experiencing:

“If I click in the left hand corner beneath the reservation time, the pencil icon and view details buttons will appear, but not if I hover over it. Also, I cannot save a reservation, when I click ‘save’ nothing happens I just stay in the reservation details screen.”

That exact scenario works fine in Firefox 9.0.1 for Windows, but not for Mac or Unix. Are you able to replicate this on your side? If not, could you tell me where I can email you login credentials to see it on our testing application?

Thanks, in advance!


This menu is displayed only then you click on event body, not hover it. This is default and seems to be correct.

Now this sounds like a problem. Is it happening for new / old events or in all cases?

It works fine for me in both cases on Ubuntu 11.10 / FF 9.0.1

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Confirmed and fixed.
Updated scheduler’s codebase is attached. (694 KB)

hi ,

Can u say us list of scheduler updated files? Some of us have a few custom files.


dhtmlxscheduler.js is the only one which has updates

Update fixed problem in Month view for us.

However, problem still occurs in Timeline View!

We are using FF9 on Linux



Actually, after the update it happens if

  • Timeline view and
  • scheduler.config.drag_move = true;

if drag move set to false the lightbox opens…


Now it works in timeline also, after restart computer…



Actually it is not working (sorry for all these posts).

We have now tested that the following combination:

FF9 on linux + timeline view + recurring event + scheduler.config.drag_move = true

results in strange behaviour:

  • Double click does not show details
  • (some times) the double clicked recurring event becomes on long event for the whole period (so it actually messes up the event length)

setting scheduler.config.drag_move = false and everything works as it should.


We will try to confirm and fix this problem as well.
Try to update dhtmlscheduler_recurring.js with the attache one. (6.17 KB)


Stanislav thank you for the update, I am sorry to say it wasn’t helpfull in my case :confused: Just to note, FF version is 9.0.1.

If it would be of any help, I could provide you with test credentials for our project through private message.

Thanx in advance!

Hi everyone,

We also continued to have problems after the patch. Any other update?


:smiley: i had same problem trying to edit with doubleclick in month view, and i only want to say THAK YOU Stan for your fix!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :nerd: :smiley:
ff9 comes with strange problems, all my adobe plugins have errors since update… :cry:

i love firefox, but scheduler works much better in chrome nowadays.

If anyone still has problems - you can try to use files from the next post

Now it is working. Thank you.

To fix the issue you can replace dhtmlxscheduler.js and dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js with attached ones.

Now working for me!! replacing both files…