Problem with newcolumn

Can anybody explain why newcolumn is not working here.

{type:"block", blockOffset:0, width:760, list:[ {type:"select", label:"Mitarbeiter", name:"fm_master_ep", inputWidth:300, options:[ {text:"Bitte wählen...", value:"", selected:true}, {text:"name 1", value:"31181"}, {text:"name 2", value:"190302"}, {text:"name 3", value:"3425"} ]}, {type:"newcolumn", offset:10}, {type:"btn2state", name:"area1_btn_responsible", label:" ", labelWidth:10, position:"label-left", disabled:true, checked:true, cssName:"filter"} ]}

If I change btn2state i.e. to type “checkbox” it works fine. The used png is 16 x 16 px. Could it be that btn2state is not movable to a new column?

By the way, the used CSS is

/* enabled, not checked */
.dhxform_obj_dhx_web div.dhxform_img.filter_0 {
background-image: url("/images/design/filteroff.png");
width: 16px;
height: 16px;

/* enabled, checked */
.dhxform_obj_dhx_web div.dhxform_img.filter_1 {
background-image: url("/images/design/filteron.png");
width: 16px;
height: 16px;

/* disabled, not checked */
.dhxform_obj_dhx_web div.disabled div.dhxform_img.filter_0 {
background-image: url("/images/design/filteroff_dis.png");
width: 16px;
height: 16px;

/* disabled, checked */
.dhxform_obj_dhx_web div.disabled div.dhxform_img.filter_1 {
background-image: url("/images/design/filteron_dis.png");
width: 16px;
height: 16px;

The icon is shown, but not in a new column :frowning:

Found my problem.

Checkbox and radiobutton don´t use inputwidth but Btn2State use it. Because it´s not documended I don´t set it in my JSON so it use the one defined in “settings” and this is too large to fit in my “block”.

After setting the inputWidth for the Btn2State object to a smaller value it works fine.

P.S. I use latest V 4.x pro

Good :slight_smile:


but you should make a note in the doc because inputWidth is not documented as valid attribut for btn2State.