problem with on fly xml file preparaion

just i tried prepare a xml file on fly like

response.setContentType(“text/xml”); … ering.html

i am trying to prepare 245 columns and and 300 rows , in one shot(no smart rendering ) . its giving error as incorrect xml . i spend 2hrs to solve this issue. later i made 10 columns and 10 rows its working fine. let me know is there any limitation on column / rows number. while we are preparing xml on fly .

its better to have clear reason , why grid not loaded , instead of incorrect xml file.


There is no any limitation on column/rows number while we are preparing xml on fly.

Please try to open your xml in browser to make sure that it has no any errors.

yes your guess correct, when i opened tha xml file in browser , its says cann’t process. later i found its wrong with specical chars like &,",’,<,> . so i handled and issue resolved. thanks.