Problem with page break

Hello. Please recommend me how to insert a page break in html when using a single element <div id="get_here"</div> (the split into several option is not suitable, like here )?

I need to make a page break when printing, based on the calculated height, but not where the browser makes a page break. I noticed that the id of each task is repeated in elements with classes data-task-id, data-row-index, data-link-id. So I added an element of the form <div class="break" style="display:block; page-break-after: always;"> after each of these elements. But the page break is not performed. What could be the problem?

The task bar element is an absolutely positioned element so you cannot use the page-break-after property.
Unfortunately, there is currently no easy way to implement this functionality in Gantt. But it can be implemented as customization by our outsource department (it will require an additional fee).