Problem with PHP treemultitable connector and set_kids


i have a tree with multiple levels and some sometimes don’t contain childs. I try to use the set_kids method as described in the documentation in a before_render custom function (debug msg included):

[code]function check_leaf($item){
if ($item->get_value(“ITEM_TYPE_ID”)==“100”) {
$item->set_value(“ITEM_NAME_T”, “ITEM_TYPE_ID 100”);
} else {
$item->set_value(“ITEM_NAME_T”, “ITEM_TYPE_ID != 100”);


With the debug msg i see that everything works but the image on the rendered tree is still wrong and still a click able folder even for the set_kids=false branch.

Here is an example of a xml result that should have set_kids=false, the text is changed as expected but still is shown in the tree like it has childs. I tried different dynamic loading settings but always the same result.

<tree id="5#510"> <item id="6#764" text="ITEM_TYPE_ID 100" child="1"/> <item id="6#765" text="ITEM_TYPE_ID 100" child="1"/> </tree>

Any idea what i am doing wrong?

Thank you

Try to update the existing php file with the attached one, it must resolve the issue. (1.44 KB)

Thx for the answer, but that doesn’t help. I use the treemultitable_connector not the treegrid one or should i use the treegrid version?

Sorry for inconvenience, correct file is attached. (1.33 KB)

Thank you, works perfect now!