Problem with positionning items labels

I’m quite new to dhtmlx and I’m learning how to use some of the components.

My problem is, when I set Items parameters, like inputWith, position… Any values are taken into account.
I can’t use “settings” and “newcolumn” types too.
For example, here’s my script part :

[code]var str = [
{ type:“fieldset” , name:“form_fieldset_1”, label:“Tickets”, width:200, position:"",
{ type:“label” , name:“label1”, label:“myLabel”, position:“label-left”, labelWidth:“100”},
{ type:“input” , name:“b5”, label:"b5 ", labelWidth:“100”, inputWidth:“40”, value:“0”, position:“label-right” },
{ type:“input” , name:“b10”, label:“b10”, validate:“ValidInteger”, value:“0”, inputWidth:“40”, position:“label-right” },
{ type:“input” , name:“b20”, label:“b20”, validate:“ValidInteger”, value:“0”, inputWidth:“40”, position:“label-right” },

var form_test= botMainLay.attachForm(str); // my form is attached to layout botMainLay

I actually get “label-top” positionning for every inputs and inputWidth are set to default.

I use dhtmlx standard Version 3.0

Can someone tell where my error is ?

Thank you


Try to replace the files i’ve attached (317 KB)