Problem with refreshing a tree completely


I load a tree via xml :

    var tree_agents = new dhtmlXTreeObject("tree_agents", "100%", "100%", 0);

tree.xml is :

<?xml version="1.0"?> <tree id="0"> <item text="agents" id="top_node" child="1"> <item text="agent0" id="agent_agent0" child="1"> <item text="object_7" id="object_agent0_object_7" /> <item text="object_8" id="object_agent0_object_8" /> <item text="object_9" id="object_agent0_object_9" /> <item text="object_10" id="object_agent0_object_10" /> </item> <item text="agent2" id="agent_agent2" child="1"> <item text="object_496" id="object_agent2_object_496" /> <item text="object_497" id="object_agent2_object_497" /> <item text="object_498" id="object_agent2_object_498" /> <item text="object_499" id="object_agent2_object_499" /> </item> </item> </tree>

When I click on a button I in the toolbar I do :

   tree_agents.smartRefreshBranch(0, './tree.xml');

The problem is that if I modify the xml (remove an item for example) and then click my refresh button, I see that the http request is made and the response is correct. Still the tree doesn’t change.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you,

If I disable smart xml parsing, then it works as expected. This looks like a bug to me. We are still in version 3.0. I am going to try with version 3.5 as we have it somewhere. Could you confirm whether it is a known bug or not and whether it has been fixed ?

Thank you

It is the same with 3.5

Hello Barth,

We have not reproduced the problem with the latest 3.6 version. Please try to update Tree version.