Problem with remove option in select

I’m trying to implemt the remove function for a select on a form.
But when I use to following code I’m running into problems.
When I click to open the selectbox, it will automatically close and select the first value.
When I hold the mousebutton down when I open the box, I’m able to select another item, but the result is that it took again the first value.

var geselecteerdUurtype = dhxList.getItemValue(“uurtypen”);
var optsHourTypes = dhxList.getOptions(“uurtypen”);

Can you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce this issue? … leted_demo

Here is my completed demo. I add comment in the code about the problem.
Completed Demo 2.rar (52.6 KB)

Have you found a solution yet?


We are working on this issue