Problem with scrollbar in dhtmlx grid


i am using dhtmlx grid and dhtml tree in my .jsp file… when i am trying to drag and drop content from the tree to grid… the grid vertical scroll bar is automatically moves with the mouse pointer… but i need a scroll bar in a static postion… it should not move automatically at drag n drop functionality… can any one give a proper suggestions…


This issue has been fixed at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid. Please update your files

ok… thanks olga… i will check it with the latest version…


i am using the dhtmlxgrid 2.6 version… i think this is the latest version… olga , you said we can solve this problem by using the latest version… can u tell me 2.6 is the latest one or not???
if it is latest one , how can we solve this one… why i am asking this question , i am getting problem with 2.6 also…