Problem with second loading of a DataView with Paging

I have been experimenting with DHTMLX for a few weeks and think I have a reasonable grasp on the various methods but have been stuck on this one problem for many hours. Hopefully someone can point out what I am missing.

I have a main form with a DataGrid. When I double-click a row in the DataGrid, it pops up a new window with a “3E” layout. I have a Pager in cell “a”, a DataView in cell “b” and a Close button in cell “c”.

The first time I open this form, all objects work properly. If I close it and then re-open it, it does not load objects in any cell. If I temporarily remove the Pager, I can close and re-open the window as many times as I want and the DataView and Close button work properly.

My code is below. Double-clicking the DataGrid on the Main form calls “pagingTest”. The “alerts” are for testing. On the second time opening the form, it does not alert at “step 2”.

[code]function pagingTest(){
dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
myWindow = dhxWins.createWindow(“myWindow”, 0, 0, 500, 500);

myLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject({
	parent: myWindow,
	cells: [
		{id:"a", height:50, header:false, fix_size:[null, true]},
		{id:"b", text:"Panel 1", width:500, header:false, fix_size:[true, null]},
		{id:"c", height:50, header:false, fix_size:[null, true]}

alert(“Step 1”);

myDataView = myLayout.cells("b").attachDataView({

alert(“Step 2”);

//disable the next line and DataView always loads
myPaging = myLayout.cells(“a”).attachObject(“pagingContainer”);


formCloseData = [
		{type:"button", name:"bttnClose", value:"Close"}
formClose = myLayout.cells("c").attachForm(formCloseData);
formClose.attachEvent("onButtonClick", fnClose);


function fnClose(){
if (dhxWins != null && dhxWins.unload != null) {
dhxWins = myWindow = myLayout = myPaging = myDataView = null;

//This is my DIV for the paging container



//This is getData.php


$conn = mysqli_connect($host, $user, $pass, $db);

$data = new DataViewConnector($conn, "MySQLi");
$data->render_sql("SELECT * FROM tblInventory", "invIndex", "invIndex, column01");


//These errors show up in my testConn.txt file
Undefined variable: start at C:\wamp\www\catCreator\codebase\connector\dataview_connector.php line 68
Undefined property: DataViewConnector::$extra_output at C:\wamp\www\catCreator\codebase\connector\base_connector.php line 714

line 68: $start.= “>”;
line 714: return $this->extra_output.“”;

I don’t know how or even if those errors in the testConn.txt file relate to the problem but I’m including them in case someone can make more sense of them than I can.

I’ve tried all sorts of variations of closing, detatching and destructing the Pager and other objects but I haven’t had any luck.

Thanks in advance.

Could you provide us completed demo on with a link to this topic? … pport.html

I’m currently running under a WampServer environment for testing and don’t have anything online yet. However, as I intend to purchase a commercial license if I can do everything I need to with DHTMLX, I really need to put something online as a final test. I should get a chance to do that in the next couple of days and will reply again with a link where you can see the problem in action.

Anyway you can attach offline demo, just to be opened “under” any server


I sent a demo with links to as per your instructions a couple of days ago but haven’t seen an update on the topic. Since then, I have simplified the demo. Previously, it was drawing data from a MySQL database but I’ve replaced it with a version which draws from your own xml.php file.
It still has the exact same problem though - I can’t open the window with the DataView and Paging objects a second time.

Demo files attached: (index.html, xml.php) (3.12 KB)

Oops, I misread your demo requirements and missed that I had to put xml.php in the /data folder. I’ve updated the index file to point to the correct folder. (3.13 KB)

You need to try to hide() and show() window and attach new content every time. You don’t need unload window every time you close it.

I hadn’t even considered that option. Thanks for your help. It works.
So far, I am very impressed with your product.

You are welcome!
Thank you for using!