Problem with Select-Box in Lightbox


I put the following SELECT-BOX in the lightbox:

	 {name:"description", height:23, type:"select", map_to:"text", options:section_wonr, focus:true},

I filled an array with data from my database:

section_wonr.push({key:counter, label:A.substring (start, i)});

If i select a row and want to save, he show me the “KEY” as the description text. But I like to have the “LABEL”. What i need to change to get this?

I hope you can understand my problem ?!

Best regards

Has no one an idea :frowning:

next line will convert key to the related text label

var label = scheduler.getLabel("text", key)

ok … but where do i write this? I do this when he’s writing the id --> ?

scheduler.save_lightbox = function() {
    if (this.checkEvent("onEventSave") && !this.callEvent("onEventSave", [this._lightbox_id, this._lightbox_out({
        id: this._lightbox_id
    }), this._new_event])) {

I would like to have that he show me the “label” in the event_box when i push the “save-Button”.

Thank you … #week_view

scheduler.templates.event_text = function(s,d,ev){ return scheduler.getLabel("text", ev.text); }

Thank you :slight_smile: