Problem with SetBgColor

I realized with dhtmlxGrid a pedigree of horse (loaded with a xml generated with PHP / MySQL )
Everything works very well :wink:

But according to the choice made by the user in upper right combo the colors of cells have to change
These colors are determined in the process side server

To avoid redoing this process in every modification of combo I wanted to use SetBgColor but it does not seem to work
It is a consequence of the use of rowspan for the realization of the grid ?
Because it is curious but I tested SetColumnColor and it is OK
But SetRowColor does not work !

Please, try to use the:
instead of:

Thank you very much! :smiley:
Your 2 examples work!

And the solution with setbgcolor suits me better because it does not delete borders

In fact I used this

I am again going to have to deepen my knowledge with the documentation ! :confused: