Problem with setSkin

Hi ;

I have one problem,when I click in bouton �search� the table dhtmlxgrid fill with data but I can�t see this data until I change to the next page.

i can’t see data in IE but its visible in firefox. I think the problem is about setSkin()

I use the last version of dhtmlxgrid

It is hard to suggest anything but you can add next command after data loading

first must normalize sizes of grid, second force rendering of first page ( in normal scenario both actions executed automatically )

i can now see the table but without headers, can you help me

Please double-check grid’s init code - be sure that initial size defined for all columns
If issue still occurs for you - please provide a code snippet of grid initialization used in problematic case

this is the code:
    var mygrid;
            function doOnLoadSystemLog() {

                mygrid  = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridboxSystemLog’);
                mygrid.chNoState = “false”;
                mygrid.setHeader(“Ex,Nom du logger,Date,Niveau,Processus,Message,Classe,Methode,Fichier,Ligne”);
                // Width : 946px

                mygrid.attachEvent( “onXLE”, hideSearchProgressDialog );
                mygrid.attachEvent( “onXLS”, showSearchProgressDialog );
                mygrid.enablePaging(true, <%=nbRows%>, 20, “pagingAreaSystemLog”, true, “infoAreaSystemLog”, “mygridSystemLog” );
                mygrid.enablePaging2(true, <%=nbRows%>, 20, “pagingAreaSystemLog2”, true, “infoAreaSystemLog2”, “mygridSystemLog”);
                mygrid.setSkin( “light” );


The code looks correct, and has not any potential problems.
Please be sure that grid container (gridboxSystemLog) has some non-zero size specified.
It possible that it has width or height defined in percents, and grid loading executed before page fully rendered yet - in such case browser may provide incorrect sizes for component. You may try to launch creation or data loading code only from onload event of page.

I try it but it doesn’t work

The same init code works correctly locally. If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed or demo link ( such info can be sent directly to )