Problem with simple click on event



I am having a problem with the Scheduler .
I have two events on the same day at different time, “Event A” and “Event B”
I make click on one of them (“Event A”). The click is correct because “onBeforeDrag” is called.

Then I move/resize the other event (Event B) and on the first that I clicked(Event A). The attachEvent"onEventCollision" is not received and the Event B is now on the Event A.
Also after I make click on one of them, I can’t resize the event to another day, I only can resize on the same day.

These are the options that I have activated:
scheduler.locale.labels.timeline_tab = ‘Timeline’
scheduler.locale.labels.section_custom = ‘Section’
scheduler.config.details_on_create = true
scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true
scheduler.config.collision_limit = 1
scheduler.config.time_step = 1
scheduler.config.date_format = “%Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%s”;
scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false;
scheduler.config.drag_create = false;


Hello @rromero,
I’m afraid I don’t fully understand what do you mean by

the Event B is now on the Event A.

I’ve checked dragging of the event in a simple snippet, but it seems to work correctly there. Can you please send me some kind of example where I could reproduce the issue locally?
You can create one in the snippet above (reproduce=>click “Share button”=> send me the new link).