Problem with splitAt and addrow

I recently updated the grid from v1.3 to dhtmlxGrid v.1.6 Professional edition build 80512/80603/60610

and I am having problems adding new rows in a grid that is spli. (i believe this was working)

I have a grid that is splitAt(2) and when I add a row as follows

    var newId = Date.parse(new Date());

    mygrid.addRow(newId, “”, 0);

A new row is added for columns greater than 2 but the first two columns are left the same.

From then on when I select a row by selecting one of the first two columns the selection for the

remaining columns are offset by one row.

Am I missing something?



The code which you are using is fully correct , please be sure that it called after splitAt executed ( if row was added before splitAt - the desribed problem may really occur )
Sample with same code, which works correctly send by email.

If problem still occurs - please provide any kind of sample, where issue can be reconstructed.