Problem with start_date of project

I have some project in my gantt, so, when I create a new project with a task in a date after the first project in the gantt, the visualization works properly. If I delete the task in the new project the date of it come back to the date of first project in the gantt.

How can I resolve ?



If you delete all children of “Task #2” in this sample, its start_date will changed to 2th Apr. … tones.html
Do you mean this problem?

It is an expected behaviour. Because start and end dates of the Project depens on its childs dates. … ojecttasks

Ok thanks for the answer, now, I have another problem.

I would to add a specific class name (or an id) to a lightbox element (in this case a select) to handle it via js.
The problem is that actually the gantt sets a random id to every elements and I can’t handle them.

Is there any solution ?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to add a specific class/id to default select element on the lightbox.
You can create a custom element and set required class. Please check this article … ditor.html