Problem with Tabbar and DHTMLXWindows


I have two problems:

1- I have to load a Tabbar via and XML and I want to attach Grid to one of the tabs. below is the code which I am using

function create()


dhxWins1 = new dhtmlXWindows();


GUIToolsWin = dhxWins1.createWindow(“GUIToolsWin”, 240, 50, 600, 500);

Tabs = GUIToolsWin.attachTabbar();


// Later I try to attach a grid with a tab.

mygrid = Tabs.cells(dhxWins1,“TestTab”).attachGrid();


The problem is that the grid is not getting attached to the tab. In fact the tab is not getting created at all. please help.

2- The above function is called when i select a menu item named “Debug” from the menu. when i first time click on Debug, the menthod is working and it is displaying the window, but when I click on the menu item again the same is throwing an error “Object doesn’t support this property or method”.

Thanks in anticipiation.



there is the issue in the method that attaches grid (_ is missed here):

mygrid = Tabs._cells(dhxWins1,“TestTab”).attachGrid();

Also please check that dhtmlxtabbar_wins.js is included.

several calls of doesn’t cause the described issue - please, check the sample … ility.html

If the issue still occurs, please provide the complete demo to re-create it