problem with the event colision

Hello everyone, I have a problem in the collisions happened. They share more than the column of days and when I moved to another column, they do not return to the default size. Thank you for your help.

Can you provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed?

Hello, I work on this project locally, so I can not give you a link. By cons I can attach images representing the problem.

I have a problem in the collisions happened
Are you using ext/scheduler_collision.js , which must prevent collision in first place?

do not return to the default size
It looks as a bug, but we can’t reconstruct the same behavior locally. Events always restore full width after moving to free time slot.

Me did not report this file in the initialization method because it works before schedule. Do you think this file should be used. How do I report it?

Try to include “ext/scheduler_collision.js” on the page, after other js files. This extension was introduced in scheduler 2.2 and prevents collision situations. It can resolve both of your problems.