Problem with the function getUrlSymbol on dhtmlxcommon.js


I have a tree and a toolbar in an html page; when the page is loading, on IE 6.5 I found this error “Object doesn’t support this property or method”, whereas on Firefox 5.0 I found this error “str.indexOf is not a function”.

The tree and the toolbar don’t work correctly.

Do you have any hint for me about this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance.


The tree and the toolbar don’t work correctly.
This function not used in toolbar at all, and used only to generate correct urls while dynamical loading in dhtmlxtree.
Function is pretty simple, it just check is url already contains “?” char and returns “?” or “&” based on it.

Please provide more details - which problems it causes in your case ?

In attachment there is a script that I use to insert the tree into my page.
Just the page is loaded, I find the errors mentioned.


tree.txt (446 Bytes)

a) Please be sure that dhtmlxcommon.js included in your page ( the getUrlSymbol located in it )

b) I’m not sure about reason of usage of refreshItem() exactly after loadXML , but in any case this command may be used only after xml auto loading path set

with the correction suggested all seams to work fine…

Thanks a lot