problem with the Grid in a formular

Hello together,

I am trying to integrate the dhtmlx Grid in my web page, but I have problems with the formular integration.
I put a form-tag around the Grid. When I change any data in the Grid and click the submit button, I have no data in the php-vars $_GET and $_POST.

I am using the sources of “” and the HTML integration.

I search in the forum and google, but i have not found anything to solve the problem.

If it is possible I do not want to use the dataprocessor.

Is it necessary to use the form-class “dhtmlxForm”?


Date ToDo Object
01.05.2011 Rasenmähen Haus Nummer 1
06.05.2011 Heizung Ablesen Haus Nummer 2 - im Keller


How do you want to save changed from grid? Using dhtmlxDataProcoessor or using form integration?

I wand to send back changed data by using form integration (without dataProcessor).

Sometimes I red that this is only possible with the PRO edition - is it right?

I have the same problem with DHTMLX i can recuper the vaule when i submit: this is my code

Sometimes I red that this is only possible with the PRO edition - is it right?
Yes, it possible in PRO version only.

I can save in the database the values updated in the grid without dataprocessor, for
this I need the row’s id being updated, I solved this creating a variable similar to
and populated with the row’s id separeted by commas ($_POST[‘GRIDID_ROWS_UPDATED’]=‘1,5,7’),
so I can define which rows on the database will be updated, remember the cell’s values updated
are storaged on variables called $_POST[‘GRIDID_ROWID_CELLINDEX’] for example $_POST[‘GRIDID_1_0’]=‘Pablo’,
where the value of the first cell with row’s id equal 1 is ‘Pablo’.