Problem with the right inner scrollbar in a DHTMLX tabbar


Like the following post :

I’m unable to show the right scroll bar.
I have a DHTMLX window which have a Tabbar into.

When the content into a tab is to long, there is no scroll bar at the right of the window.

After building the tab and setContent for each tab, I use the showInnerScroll() function but I have the following error message when this function is called :
this.cells(i).dhxcont is undefined

I’m unable to figure why this object is undefined.

Thanks !


please download the dhtmlxtabbar.js from the post:

Hope I’ll resolve the problem

Thanks, this solved my issue.

Before, I used the full DHTMLX package but to make it work I had to reference scripts for each component individually. (windows and tabbar).

Do you have an update of your dhtmlxfull.js script with these bug corrections ?

Thanks a lot !

You may generate new compiled file using libCompiler in the Suite. Just replace the Suite/dhtmlxtabbar/codebase/dhtmlxtabbar.js with the new one and call libCompiler/index.html