Problem with timeline in scrolled down pages


When a timeline view with several lines is displayed and if we scroll down the page (for example on smaller screens) to reach timeline items that are down then the mouse select drag is totally uncentered. It selects several lines higher than the one we are pointing.

The more we go down on page the more misaligned is the timeline item select event compared to mouse.

Hope you understand. I don’t know how to make a screenshot of that as the mouse pointer is not captured.

I see this on all browsers tested FF, IE9, IE10


We couldn’t reproduce the problem with our samples, it must be related to page layout or custom css settings
Can you provide a demo?


Please try: … /index.php

(login: test / test)

Then choose category: centrifugeuse
the timeline view will be shown. Then go down on page and try to select a slot.


Grab the updated build ( attached ) - it must fix the issue with invalid event position in IE
( similar fix will be included in the next official version as well ) (423 KB)

Unfortunately it does not fix my bug…

My bug is that when you go down on page, the mouse click on timeline is misaligned. look at attached image explanation.

Just double-checked your online demo - and it contains old version of js file, are you sure that files were updated ?


Yes. It is the one from the ZIP you proposed. The problem with scroll and misaligned timeline dragging persists.

It seems that previous fix have solved problem in IE, but I can confirm that problem still occurs in FF. Update will be available in nearest time.