Problem with Unit view

I’m having problems with getting the scheduler displaying data in “unit view” mode (see attached screendump). The javascript error I get is (translated from dutch: Can’t access the value of property section_id. Object is null or undefined". I’ve been looking for several hours now but can find it. The other available modes of the scheduler are working properly. All data is loaded through json. Any clues where to look?


  1. Check if it works in our sample
  2. Start cutting parts of your application to see which part brings that problem.

Also good idea would be to switch IE to Firefox or Chrome for debugging (your could check what function caused that error and who called and at what point).

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Hi Ilya,

I reproduced the problem by adding just one line of code to the 02_units_view.html sample (see attachment):
and pressing the ‘today’ link.

If setting to false everything works as expected. (1.05 KB)


This problem is resolved in 3.5 version.
Though note to display current time you will need to add limit extension as it was moved there.

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