Problem with uploader

 {type:"fieldset", width:338, inputTop:0, offsetLeft:103, inputLeft:0, position:"absolute", name:"uploader_block", label:"Label", hidden:true, list:[
   {type:"upload", name:"uploader", autoStart:true, titleText:"any text here...", inputWidth:335, inputHeight:150, url:"any URL here..."}

While loading the form the fieldset is hidden.

Make it visible with “myinputform.showItem(“uploader_block”);” works - the fieldset is visible, the upload button is vissible but titleText is not visible.

I apologize for the delay.
Your problem is confirmed. We’re working on a possible solution or a workaround.

Is there any way to display the text, when the form is visible

Could you please clarify your question as the text is displaying, when the uploader is visible.

I have the same issue. I attach form with uploader field to popup. When it appears for the first time the title text is not visible. Once I close the popup and show it again, then it appears.