Problem with Viewport


I have a Layout with 4 cells. I would like to open a window inside Layout Cell “A”. My problem is that the window just moves inside the Viewport of Layout Cell “A”. As this Layout cell is small and the window big i would like to open the window over the Main Page Body as i can do this with;

Is there any solution ?

Thank you so much


You can instantiate dhtmlxWindows object inside of the cell, so all Window widgets will be bound to this cell. Or, you can create a global dhtmlxWindows object which can be used to show a Window widget on top of any other UI.

There is no way to show Window inside of a cell and switch to global if Window doesn’t fit the cell.

In the majority of cases, you will want to use global Windows, you can show them at any position, so it may look as Window inside of the cell, if necessary. Please check

Hello Stanislav and thank you for reply.

Like in your example it works fine but this is not my problem. I did


and i need to put a window from inside the attached url to the top main page.

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Unfortunately such feature is not supported.