Problems displaying events and adding new events - v2.3

I just installed Scheduler v2.3 on my Windows 7.0/IIS 7 box and I am having some odd problems displaying events in the calendar. I deactivated and then deleted the entire plug-in before installing version 2.3. No code has been modified since the 2.3 install.

First, events are not displaying the text value on the calendar. Instead, the custom field assigned to the event shows. Second, when I go into “Events Administration”, only the custom field assigned to the event shows up. Third, I can add new events in the Calendar but it’s not committed to the backend database. Were there any database changes in version 2.3?

Screen prints are shown below.

a) format of DB was not changed - all data must be preserved as is

b) Above problem can appear if config was not updated correctly, you can go to the admin section and use “save” button to force reapplying of existing configuration.