Problems scrolling template views

Hi, I’ve been generally really impressed with DHMTLX Touch, and have really enjoyed working with it, but there’s one thing that’s been really confusing me.

I have a view structure like so:

- layout
  - layout
    - template

and what I’ve found is that I’m unable to get the template view to scroll when the screen is too short to fit its contents. I’ve tried lots of variations of setting the ‘scroll’ attribute at different levels of the view hierarchy, to both ‘true’ and ‘y’, but still haven’t been able to enable scroll in the template view.

There seems to be something special about templates within layouts that can be hard to enable scrolling in - for example, I’ve had other views that wouldn’t scroll a template if it had a manual height specified - whereas removing the height attribute worked.

You can see an example of the current problem at , if you follow these steps with a desktop browser set to a short window height:

  • Click Continue
  • Click “Shows” icon
  • Click “Choose a time”

If your window is short enough, you can truncate the content of this ‘choose a time’ view, and won’t be able to touch-scroll it.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? What are the conditions that determine whether a given view will be scrollable?

I’ve attempted to read the code, but it’s not very clear to me how the scroll implementation works.

Please help - I’m going crazy trying to figure this out!


Could please post more information about how we can reproduce the problem ? The first step was “Click Continue”. But there was not “Continue” button in the page you referred.

Sorry, I made a mistake in the URL.



Contant of our template view has height auto. So, there is not problem with our library. The problem relates your css where you set display: table and display: table-cell:

.dhx_view[view_id=‘date_chooser’], .dhx_view[view_id=‘time_chooser’] {
display: table;

.dhx_view[view_id=‘date_chooser’] .dhx_scroll_cont, .dhx_view[view_id=‘time_chooser’] .dhx_scroll_cont {
display: table-cell;

Ah, thanks - the CSS had been modified by another member of the team, and I hadn’t noticed that they’d overridden the display style on the dhx_scroll_cont. Changing that to ‘block’ seems to work perfectly - I’ll have to find out why they felt that ‘table’ was necessary.

Thanks so much.

You are welcome!