Problems seeing grids, text, events in Frontend

hi everybody

i have a problem with the scheduler 2.3 in a joomla website.
i just successfully installed scheduler 2.3 via the backend, made a menu item to the scheduler and configured the scheduler in the backend as well. but i do get only this output: see below…

i can edit the views (month, years, and so on), can add the minicalender icon, the size of the scheduler, everything works, but i just cannot see the grid, dates, events and text…

on another joomla pages of mine, on the same server and the same versions, everything is fine and i can see the grid, dates and events…but just not on this single page…
joomla: 1.5.22
php and mysql, state of the art
scheduler: 2.3

i read, that there are some css issues, tried around, but didnt find any solution…

is this a known issue??


If problem is still present can you please provide access to your website where this issue could be checked?

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On your page you are redefining window.onload which scheduler uses of its initialization.
So replace

window.onload = Shadowbox.init; 


window.onload = function() { Shadowbox.init(); init(); }

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hi ilya!

thx for the hint…indeed, it was the shadowbox, that caused the problem…
i´ve tried the work around you mentioned, but unfortunatley, that didnt work!

then i uninstalled the shadowbox plugin (ninja shadowbox) and reinstalled shadowbox media viewer instead, and with this one, it works!

thx for your help!!!