Problems sorting a date column

I have a datagrid with several date columns, I’m using a JSON object to contain the column information, each column looks something like this.

	id: "Expiry",
	label: "Expiry",
	width: 70,
	align: "left",
	sort: "date",
	type: "ro"

The date format I am using is dd/mm/yyyy
I am using setDateFormat("%d/%m/%Y") on the grid itself.

But the column is not being sorted by it’s values.
Did I miss anything?

setDateFormat("%d/%m/%Y") - the method works for “dhxCalendar” and “dhxCalendarA” types only … teformat&s[]=dhxCalendar

setColSorting(“date,…”); - will work with default format of date only (YYYY/MM/DD) without setDateFormat method.

So are you saying that I cannot sort a date column unless I use the default date format?

If you are using calendar column - you can use “date” sorting with any format ( while it is defined through setDateFormat )
If you are using any other column - date must be in the default js date format.

Of course, for any column type, you can define custom sorting function, which can be used to parse date in any format … te_sorting